1-penten-3-ol Flavor
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1-penten-3-ol Flavor

Product name: 1-Penten-3-ol
CAS No.: 616-25-1
Boiling point: 114-115°C (lit.)
Density: 0.838 g/ml at 20°C (lit.) 0.839 g/ml at 25°C (lit.)
Refractive index: n20/D 1.424(lit.)
Molecular formula: C5H10O
Molecular weight: 86.13
Storage condition: Sealed in dry,2-8°C

1-penten-3-ol flavor product description

Colorless to light yellow liquid with fruit flavor. Boiling point 114℃, flash point 28℃. Relative density (D425) 0.8344, refractive index (nd25) 1.4223; miscible in ethanol and ether. Natural products exist in oranges, strawberries, tomatoes, etc.

1-penten-3-ol flavor function and application

GB 2760-1996 stipulates that it is allowed to use spices for food.