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Product name: 1-undecanol
CAS NO.: 112-42-5
Molecular formula: C11H24O
Molecular weight: 172.31
Appearance: clear colorless to pale yellow
Aroma: lemon flavor
Storage condition: store below +30°C.

1 undecanol description

1-undecanol is reduced by ethyl undecanoate via metallic sodium, or by ω- Undecylenoic acid ethyl ester is prepared by pressurized catalytic hydrogenation reduction, and even Grignard reaction between n-nonyl magnesium bromide and ethylene oxide. The application of this alcohol has certain limitations. Because it is greasy and solid at low temperature, it is only used in the more characteristic essence. Citrus rose type is only used as a secondary role in coordination and as a body fragrance in essence. It is used to make spices with the fragrance of Acacia and moonlight fragrance.

1 undecanol function and application

1. 1-undecanol is often shared with undecenal or other fatty aldehydes as the coordinator of aldehyde fragrance.

2.1-undecanol can also be well coordinated and combined with flower fragrance, Citrus Cologne, acacia, evening Jasper, violet, fragrance and grass fragrance. It is generally used in rose fragrance base. It can also be used in a small amount in pineapple, citrus, lemon, white lemon, orange, orange, Ribes, rose and other edible essence.