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Product Name: 2-Acetylfuran
CAS NO.: 1192-62-7
Molecular formula: C6H6O2
Molecular weight: 110.111
Appearance:Yellowish brown liquid

2-Acetylfuran description

2-Acetylfuran is an important flavor compound or food intermediate, which can be separated from essence, sweet corn products, fruits and flowers. It can also be formed from glucose and glycine by Maillard reaction. 2-Acetylfuran can be used to synthesize cefuroxime.

2-Acetylfuran function and application

2-Acetylfuran is a widely used reagent in manufacturing pharmaceuticals and aroma compounds.

2-Acetylfuran is a useful intermediate in the synthesis of fine chemicals and pharmaceuticals, and it is used in the production of the generic cephalophosphorin antibiotic cefuroxime.

2-Acetylfuran chemical property

The product is a yellow-brown liquid with the aroma of almonds, nuts, yeast, milk and sweet caramel. The melting point is 26-28 ℃, and the boiling point is 173 ℃. Relative density (d2525) 1.098, refractive index (nD20) 1.5017. It is insoluble in water, but soluble in ethanol, ether and propylene glycol. Natural products exist in the volatile aroma components of coffee, tomatoes, beer, green tea, raisins and potato chips.

2-Acetylfuran preparation method

(1) ) Extraction of volatile oil: take the dry aboveground part of white perilla, crush it, put it in the volatile oil extractor, extract it by steam distillation for 6h, and dry it with anhydrous sodium sulfate to obtain the volatile oil. The volatile oil is stored in the refrigerator fresh-keeping room at 4 ℃ for standby. The oil yield of volatile oil is 0.24%.

(2) Compound separation: 10ml of volatile oil from white perilla, through normal phase silica gel (160-200 mesh) column chromatography, the silica gel column specification is 50mm × 500mm, elute with 5 gradients, each gradient obtains 5 flow segments, each flow segment is 200mL, and the solvent is recovered at 35 ℃ under reduced pressure. The five gradients are n-hexane, n-hexane-ethyl acetate 80:1, n-hexane-ethyl acetate 50:1, n-hexane-ethyl acetate 20:1, and ethyl acetate. 25 fractions were obtained, and fraction 9 was separated by normal phase silica gel column chromatography to obtain 2.5g of compound 2-acetylfuran.