2-ethyl-3 5-dimethylpyrazine
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2-ethyl-3 5-dimethylpyrazine

Product Name:2-Ethyl-3,5-dimethylpyrazine
CAS NO.:55031-15-7
Molecular formula:C8H12N2
Molecular weight:136.19

2-Ethyl-3,5-dimethylpyrazine character

The product is colorless to slightly yellow liquid. It has a roasted nutty aroma.

2-Ethyl-3,5-dimethylpyrazine source

Naturally present in whiskey, soy products, coffee, fried peanuts, fried walnuts, fried barley and popcorn.

2-Ethyl-3,5-dimethylpyrazine use

As a spice, it can be used to prepare fried nut flavor and chocolate flavor for food.