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Product name: 2-Pentanol
CAS No.: 6032-29-7
Boiling point: 118-119 °C (lit.)
Density: 0.812 g/ml at 25 °C (lit.)
Refractive: n20/D 1.406(lit.)
Molecular weight: 88.15
Molecular formula: C5H12O

2-methyl-2-pentanol description

2-Pentanol, also known as sec-amyl alcohol. It is a colorless liquid with the aroma of wine and ether. Boiling point 118-119℃, flash point 34℃. It is a flammable, explosive and volatile hazardous chemical. It is strongly irritating. If inhaled, taken orally or absorbed through the skin, it can cause great harm to the body. It is very soluble in water, ethanol and ether. It is commonly used as a raw material for organic synthesis and as a solvent. It can also be used as a raw material for food flavoring.

2-methyl-2-pentanol production method

It is formed by catalytic reduction of methyl n-propyl ketone.

2-methyl-2-pentanol function and application

1. Used as raw material and solvent for organic synthesis.          

2. Used as chromatographic reagent and solvent of cotton glue paint.