1 3-hexanol
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1 3-hexanol

Product name: 3-Hexanol
CAS NO.: 623-37-0
Molecular formula: C6H14O
Molecular weight: 102.17
Appearance: colorless liquid
Aroma:characteristic; strong, disagreeable odor resembling acetone.
Storage condition: Flammables area

1,3-hexanol description

3-hexanol, an organic compound of alcohols, is a hexanol with hydroxyl on carbon 3. 3-hexanol has a chiral center, so there are optical isomers. 3-hexanol smells fragrant and is often found in banana, grapefruit, melon, and other plants.

1,3 hexanol function and application

1. 3-hexanol is used as a food additive to increase flavor, but the dosage is specified. Drinks and puddings can only be added 1.0mg/kg at most. The limit of candy and baking products is low, which can be added to 2.0mg/kg.

2. 3-hexanol can be used as a solvent or an intermediate in organic synthesis.