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Product Name: 4-Methylanisole
Alias:p-Methylanisole、p-Cresyl methyl ether、1-Methoxy-4-methylbenzene
CAS NO.:104-93-8
Molecular formula: C8H10O
Molecular weight: 122.164
EINECS NO.: 203-253-7
Appearance:Transparent to yellowish liquid
Storage condition: Store in a cool and ventilated warehouse.

4-Methylanisole description

The product should avoid contact with oxidants. It is a flammable liquid. Non volatile. In case of fire, foam extinguishing agent or carbon dioxide can be used. The chemical properties are similar to those of anisole. It does not decompose weak acid, and the ether bond breaks when it reacts with aluminum trichloride, aluminum tribromide and antimony chloride.

4-Methylanisole function and application

It is mainly used to prepare nut essence such as walnut and hazelnut. It is also used to prepare artificial Ylang Ylang, Kananga, violet, Narcissus and other essence.

It is commonly used in baking food, soft candy and frozen dairy products.