Acacia Dealbata Essential Oil
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Acacia Dealbata Essential Oil

Product Name: Acacia essential oil
CAS NO.: 8031-03-6
Appearance:Dark yellow liquid

Acacia Dealbata Essential Oil description

Acacia essential oil is a thick dark yellow liquid with floral and wood flavor. Its smell is very complex, more like the smell of compound essential oil, which can be well combined with other skin care ingredients.

Acacia dealbata essential oil function and application

Acacia essential oil has a natural aroma. It can directly act on human nerves, soothe and regulate the nerves, stimulate the human brain, and stimulate the spirit. When people have bad symptoms such as bad mood, low spirits, and lack of concentration, they can apply some Acacia essential oil in an appropriate amount, which can quickly eliminate the uncomfortable symptoms of the human body.

Acacia essential oil can also nourish and purify skin, apply it on the skin surface, penetrate as soon as possible, regulate the secretion function of human skin, and speed up the discharge of toxins in the skin. It is especially suitable for people with endocrine disorders. It can solve human skin problems from the root. Regular application can also prevent acne, color spots, acne, acne and other adverse symptoms.

Taking some Acacia essential oil in an appropriate amount at ordinary times can also accelerate the metabolism of the body and promote the discharge of endotoxin. It can maintain the stability of human urinary system, respiratory system and other systems, and prevent the occurrence of some common diseases. In addition, it can purify blood, accelerate blood circulation, and have an obvious protective effect on human cardiovascular system, And those who have already developed cardiovascular disease can be relieved gradually after taking Acacia essential oil.