Acai Berry Extract
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Acai Berry Extract

Product Name:Acai Berry Extract
Appearance:Dark purple powder
Storage condition:Place in a cool, dry place, away from light and high temperature
Shelf life:2 years

Introduction to Plants

Brazil berry, also known as Euterpe badiocarpa and Euterpe oleracea, belongs to the palm family. The tree is slender, up to 15-25 meters high, with a trunk diameter of about 10-15 cm. It has brown and purple flowers, and its leaf sheath is red. The mature Brazil berry will change from green to purple, with a diameter of about 1-2 cm. Each grain is arranged in each leaf sheath. Brazilian raspberry is the fruit of a palm tree in latin america. acai palm trees are mainly longer than south america and are common in marshes or sand beaches. At present, there are a few plants in Taiwan, China, Hong Kong and Huizhou, Guangdong. Brazil berry is considered to be the most popular and nutritious fruit today, and it is considered to be a fruit with the most abundant antioxidants.

Acai berry extract powder main components

The components extracted and separated from Brazil berry mainly include a variety of anthocyanins, proanthocyanidins, cyanidin-3-glucoside, cyanidin-3-rutoside, ferulic acid, epicatechin, p-hydroxybenzoic acid, geranium-3-glucoside chloride, cyanidin-3-mulberry diglycoside, paeoniflorin glucoside, tannin and several derivatives, catechin and ellagic acid.

Organic acai extract pharmacological activity

1. Relieve fatigue

Anthocyanidin extracted from Brazil berry is very effective for relieving eye fatigue. In addition, the antioxidant effect of Brazil berry is also very effective in preventing muscle damage caused by reactive oxygen species. There are also many kinds of B vitamins in Brazil berries, which are very effective in improving fatigue.

2. Control prostate enlargement

Brazil berry extract contains β A plant sterol, sitosterol, it has been proven to be effective in controlling prostate enlargement.

3. Prevent hyperglycemia of metabolic syndrome

The extract of Brazil berry is effective in controlling arteriosclerosis. In addition, it contains rich anthocyanins, and it is expected to be effective in treating diabetes retinopathy.

4. Relieve tension

The antioxidant capacity of Brazil berry is effective in resisting the physical and mental damage caused by tension. In particular, it has obvious effect on preventing the low immunity caused by tension.

5. Treatment of inflammation When there is inflammation in the body, it means that nitrotyrosine is produced in the body. Nitrotyrosine is the protein tyrosine in the body that is changed after nitration. This generation is generally related to asthma, chronic joint rheumatism, and diabetes induced nephrosis. Some reports say that the antioxidant capacity of Brazil berry can prevent the tyrosine of protein in vivo from being nitrated.

6. Treatment of ischemic anemia

It is generally believed that the main component of blood is iron, which is 3-4 times as much in Brazil berry as in cattle liver. It is very effective for the prevention and improvement of ischemic anemia.