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Acai Berry Powder Bulk

Product name: Acai Berry Powder
Botanical name: Euterpe badiocarpa
Grade:Food Grade
Specification: 80 mesh
Shelf Life:2 years
Storage:Store in cool and dry place
Used part Used:fruit
Test Method:TLC

Acai berry extract powder product description

Acai berry on the Amazon river bank and is rich in nutrients and antioxidants, in which iron and calcium are very high. Acai berry powder is loose, free of caking and visible impurities. It is a purplish red fine powder.

Acai berry juice powder function and application

1. Acai berry powder has the effect of strengthening the immune system. It contains anti mutagenic chemical complexes, which can effectively slow down cell aging.

2. Function of skin care. The vitamins and minerals contained in it can effectively accelerate the growth of human cells, repair damaged skin and promote the regeneration of skin cells.

3. Eye protection: Acai berry powder is rich in anthocyanins, which can improve vision, prevent myopia, and reduce the pain caused by glaucoma and macular degeneration.

4. It can reduce cholesterol, strengthen the circulatory system, prevent cancer, etc., and resist the invasion of oncogenes and strengthen the function of the immune system.