Acesulfame K Sweetener
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Acesulfame K Sweetener

Product Name: Acesulfame-k
Alias: Acesulfame potassium
CAS NO.: 55589-62-3
Molecular formula: C4H4KNO4S
Molecular weight: 201.24
EINECS NO.: 259-715-3
Appearance: White crystalline solid
Storage condition: Inert atmosphere,Room Temperature

Acesulfame-k sweetener product description

The chemical name of acesulfame is potassium acetylsulfonate, commonly known as AK sugar. It is the fourth generation of artificial sweetener, and its sweetness is about 130 times that of sucrose. It has the characteristics of good taste, no heat, no metabolism, no accumulation in the body, and stable physical and chemical properties.

Acesulfame-k sweetener function and application

As a non nutritive sweetener, acesulfame has no change in its concentration when it is used in food and beverage in the general pH range. It can be mixed with other sweeteners, especially with aspartame and cyclohexyl sulfamate. It can be widely used in solid drinks, pickles, preserves, gums, and table sweets. This product has a strong sweet taste, the sweetness is about 200 times that of sucrose, the taste property is similar to saccharin, and there is bitter taste at high concentration.