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Product name: Agnuside
Alias: chasteberry oil
CAS NO.: 11027-63-7
Molecular formula: C22H26O11
Molecular weight: 466.44
Appearance: yellow liquid
Storage conditions:-20°C

Agnuside factory product description

Agnuside is a volatile oil extracted from the leaves and seeds of Vitex negundo, a Verbenaceae plant. Its main component is β- Syringene α- Pinene, limonene, 108 cineole, etc. It has the effects of eliminating phlegm, relieving cough and relieving asthma.

Agnuside function and application

1. Agnuside can be used to mix Fuqi and lavender soap essence. After distilling the oil of the former fraction, it will have a sweet and lasting wood flavor, which can be used to prepare soaps, cosmetics and tobacco essence.

2. Agnuside can be used for the treatment of chronic bronchitis.