Ai Ye Essential Oil
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Ai Ye Essential Oil

Product Name: Ai Ye essential oil
Alias: Artemisia argyi oil
Appearance: Light yellow or greenish yellow

Ai Ye Essential Oil Introduction

Artemisia argyi is native to China, Japan, Korea and other mountainous countries. It is a perennial herb with a height of 45-120cm. The application of mugwort in the folk is also very common. Artemisia argyi has been used in moxibustion for a long time, and it has the functions of regulating qi and blood, dispelling cold and dampness, warming meridians, stopping bleeding and soothing miscarriage. In addition to the pungent fragrant smell of wormwood leaves, which is related to its medical effects, wormwood leaves have good flammability and burn thoroughly, making it an ideal igniter. Mugwort essential oil is a natural substance extracted from wormwood. It can be used for aromatherapy or directly applied to the skin, which has certain health care and beauty effects.

Ai Ye Essential Oil Main ingredient

The chemical composition of argyi essential oil is mainly composed of oxide 1,8 eucalyptol, and also contains thujone, camphor, argyi alcohol, caryophyllene, ethyl acetate, chamomile and other chemical components.

Ai Ye Essential Oil Efficacy and Function

The essential oil of wormwood leaf has a natural fragrance. It can refresh the mind, warm the meridians, and promote qi and blood circulation. In addition, it can drive away cold, promote blood circulation, and enhance human immunity. In daily life, people can use the essential oil of wormwood leaf to recuperate when joint pain, skin itching and low immunity occur. It can make the adverse symptoms of the human body reduce or disappear as soon as possible. The ethyl acetate and chamomile ring alkene contained in the essential oil of Artemisia argyi leaves can not only calm and soothe, but also resist allergy. In addition, the essential oil of Artemisia argyi leaves has excellent hepatoprotective and cholagogic effects because it contains components such as wormwood alcohol.

Ai Ye Essential Oil Application Area

The essential oil of moxa leaf has the functions of regulating qi and blood, warming channels, removing cold and dampness, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, stimulating digestive glands, relieving cough and phlegm, promoting circulation, and enhancing immunity. It can be used for scraping, massage, aromatherapy, foot soaking and moxibustion.

Ai Ye Essential Oil Usage Method

The essential oil of wormwood leaf should not be used directly without dilution. The essential oil is highly volatile, and it will volatilize quickly once it comes into contact with the air. For this reason, the essential oil must be stored in a bottle that can be sealed. Once the bottle is opened for use, the lid should also be returned as soon as possible.