Aloe Vera Extract Aloin
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Aloe Vera Extract Aloin

Product name: Aloe Vera Extract Aloin
Used Part:leaves
CAS No.:8001-97-6
Active Ingredient: aloin barbaloin lsobarbaloin aloin
Specification: Aloe glycoside 10%, 20%, 5:1, 10:1
Extraction method: Concentrate extraction
Appearance: Brownish green powder

Aloe extract powder description

Aloe vera extract is a colorless transparent to brown slightly sticky liquid, which is a fine yellow powder after drying. No smell or slightly peculiar smell. It is usually used as a facial mask and is popular among women. It has strong water replenishment performance.

Aloe leaf powder extraction source

Aloe has therapeutic effects such as diarrhea, hemostasis, anti-infection and anti-tumor. Aloe contains aloe-emodin, which has the effect of resisting pathogenic microorganisms.

Component properties

From the perspective of chemical composition, aloe is known to contain more than 160 chemical components, and there are no less than 100 components with pharmacological and biological activities. But in terms of its particularity and efficacy, it is mainly divided into two categories.

1. Anthraquinone compounds

It includes dozens of kinds of aloe, aloe-emodin, aloe chrysophanol, aloe saponin, aloe tannin, aloe tarpaulin, aloemycin, post-monate aloe, etc. It is the active ingredient in aloe, and mainly exists in the outer skin of aloe leaves.

2. Aloe polysaccharide

The polysaccharide of aloe mainly exists in the gel part of aloe leaves, that is, the transparent and sticky part surrounded by the leaf skin. The detected products include ethoxylated glucan, glucan, arabinogalactan, etc. The molecular structure, composition and relative molecular weight of aloe polysaccharide are related to the variety, growth environment and growth period of aloe.

Aloe leaf extract function and application

1. Antioxidation. Aloe polysaccharide has good antioxidant activity in vitro and in vivo. Studies have confirmed that aloe polysaccharide can scavenge free radicals and inhibit lipid peroxidation.

2. Aloe Vera is a traditional herbal medicine used for wound healing. It can promote the synthesis of collagen and glycosaminoglycan to stimulate the healing of skin wounds. Polysaccharide is the main active ingredient.

3. Aloe polysaccharide has good anti radiation activity, which can reduce the body's sensitivity to radiation, improve the body's tolerance and survival rate, and have a good protective effect on radiation animals.