Aloe Vera Gel Freeze-dried Powder
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Aloe Vera Gel Freeze-dried Powder

Product name: Aloe vera gel freeze-dried powder
UsedPart: Leaf blade
Active Ingredient: Polysaccharides, proteins
Molecular Formula: C15H17lIO
CAS No.:1211-17-2
Molecular Weight: 220.24
Specification:100:1 200:1
Extraction method: Concentrate extraction
Appearance: White powder

Aloe vera concentrate powder description

Aloe Vera Gel Freeze-dried Powder is made of natural aloe, and its essence is extracted by the highest technology ultra concentration. It is rich in emodin, polysaccharide, protein, enzymes, vitamins, trace elements, amino acids, etc. Aloe Vera Gel Freeze-dried Powder has many benefits on skin and beauty, so it’s widely used in cosmetic fields.

Aloe gel juice introduction

It is made of high-quality fresh leaves of Curacao aloe for more than three years through a series of technologies such as peeling, refining, separation, stabilization and purification. It does not add essence, alcohol, pigment, or deionized water. It is a pure natural fresh aloe juice and retains various active ingredients in aloe, it has many effects such as moisturizing, nourishing, anti-allergy repair, balancing oil secretion, anti-spot and anti-acne, delaying aging, nourishing hair, etc. Suitable for different skin types. It is natural, safe, easy to absorb, and has no side effects after long-term use.

Aloe vera extract powder function and application

1. Aloe vera gel freeze-dried powder can effectively prevent and relieve constipation.

2. Aloe vera gel freeze-dried powder prevents stomach disease, esophagitis and stomatitis. Aloe polysaccharide in Aloe freeze-dried powder has good anti ulcer and anti-inflammatory effects.

3. Cosmetic efficacy. Aloe lyophilized powder is a natural moisturizer and astringent, which can make the skin astringent, soften, moisturize, diminish inflammation, whiten, prevent wrinkles, treat acne, and prevent ultraviolet rays.

4. Aloe vera gel freeze-dried powder prevents hypertension and diabetes. It is of great help in lowering blood glucose.

5. Aloe is known as a treasure house of vitamins, amino acids and minerals. It can supplement these substances needed by the human body and comprehensively regulate human immunity.