Alpha-amylase Enzyme
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Alpha-amylase Enzyme

Product name: alpha-Amylase
CAS NO.: 9000-90-2
Source: Bacillus subtilis
Appearance: yellowish brown, freeze-dried powder
Storage conditions:-20°C

Alpha-amylase enzyme product description

Alpha-amylase, also known as starch-1,4-dextrinase, is formally named as alpha-1,4-D-glucoside-glucoside hydrolase. When it acts on starch, it can produce maltose, oligosaccharides and glucose by cutting alpha-1,4-glucosidic bonds from the inside of starch, glycogen, oligosaccharide or polysaccharide molecules in a random manner, and is one of the most widely used enzymes in industrial production.

Alpha-amylase Enzyme function and application

1. Alpha-amylase is used in the food processing industry. As a safe and efficient modifier in the flour industry, it can improve the quality of bread. A-amylase has liquefaction and saccharification, and is often used as a sweetener in the beverage industry.

2. Alpha-amylase can be used in feed industry. Adding exogenous a-amylase to the diet can help young animals digest and utilize starch, and its growth performance and feed conversion rate are very beneficial.

3. Alpha-amylase has been widely used in feed, modified starch and starch sugar, baking industry, beer brewing, alcohol industry, fermentation, textile and other industries. It is an important industrial enzyme.