Alpha Cedrene Epoxide Acid
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Alpha Cedrene Epoxide Acid

Product Name: alpha cedrene epoxide
Alias: epoxy cedrane
CAS NO.: 29597-36-2
Molecular formula: C15H24O
Molecular weight: 220.35
EINECS NO.: 249-717-2
Appearance:Colorless to light yellow thick liquid

Alpha cedrene epoxide acid description

Alpha cedrene epoxide has dry sweet wood aroma, amber aroma, and slightly camphor like aroma. The aroma is long-lasting, safe and stable. The relative density is 1.04g/cm3, and the appearance is colorless to light yellow thick liquid. It is soluble in ethanol and oil flavor, but insoluble in water.

Alpha Cedrene Epoxide Acid function and application

As a high-grade fragrance, it is widely used in perfume, soap, daily cosmetics, tobacco and other essence products.