Amla Fruit Powder 
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Amla Fruit Powder 

Product name:Amla fruit Powder
Used part:Fruit
Active Ingredient:Vitamin C
Specification:80 mesh
Extraction method:TLC
Appearance:Brown yellow powder

Pure organic amla powder product description

Amla  is the fruit of hickory seed, a plant of the cassiaceae family. Its berry is spherical. Amla is also called Lantern fruit. It is a fruit with high nutritional value. The powder ground with it has many functions and benefits to human body.

Amla fruit powder function and application

1. Improve immunity

Taking amla powder can improve the body's immunity, because it is rich in vitamin C and some natural polyphenols, as well as alkaloids, flavonoids and other nutrients beneficial to the body. These can enhance the anti-inflammatory and anti-virus ability of the human body, promote the regeneration of white blood cells in the human body and enhance the body's own immunity.

2. Prevent and relieve diabetes

Preventing and alleviating diabetes is an important role of amla powder. It can not only supplement rich nutrition for the human body, but also promote the secretion of insulin, which can reduce the blood glucose index of human beings. After taking it, normal people can maintain the metabolism of the body, regulate the secretion in the body and prevent the increase of blood glucose, which can effectively reduce the incidence rate of diabetes.

3. Promote digestion

Promoting digestion and maintaining the health of digestive system is an important role of amla powder. It is not only rich in vitamin C and fruit acid, but also contains a lot of cellulose. After using it, it can promote the secretion of digestive juice, accelerate gastrointestinal peristalsis and improve gastrointestinal digestive function.

4. Protect the heart

Eating more amla powder can also protect the heart and improve the health level of human heart, because it contains rich nutrients that can be absorbed by human myocardium, promote myocardial contraction, improve the antioxidant capacity of myocardium, accelerate blood circulation, and have a Used particularly good preventive effect on human myocardial ischemia, arrhythmia and myocardial infarction.