Anethol Acheter
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Anethol Acheter

Product Name: Anethol 99.5%
CAS NO.: 104-46-1
Molecular formula: C10H12O
Molecular weight: 148.2
EINECS NO.: 203-205-5
Appearance:Colorless or yellowish liquid or crystal
Storage condition:Store at room temperature in a closed place and away from light

Anethol Acheter description

The appearance is colorless or yellowish liquid or crystal. The melting point is 22.5 ℃, the boiling point is 235 ℃, 81-81.5 ℃ (307pa), the relative density is 0.9883 (20 / 4 ℃), the refractive index is 1.56145, and the flash point is 90 ℃. It is miscible with chloroform and ether, it is soluble in benzene, ethyl acetate, acetone, carbon disulfide, petroleum ether and alcohol, and insoluble in water. It has a sweet taste and a special aroma of fennel.

Anethol Acheter function and application

It has obvious effect of increasing white blood cells, which mainly increases neutrophils. Its function is to promote the maturation of bone marrow cells and release them into the peripheral blood.

It is used as fennel essence and liquorice essence in the flavoring of food, especially cakes; It is also used in beverages, and it is also widely used in essence of apricot, quince, bayberry, toothpaste and gargle.