Anthocyanin Anthocyanidin
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Anthocyanin Anthocyanidin

Product name: Enocyanin
Alias: Grape Skin Extract 30% Polyphenols
Appearance: Dark Purple to Black
Molecular formula: C15H11O+
Molecular weight: 207.24724
CAS NO.: 11029-12-2
Storage conditions: Sealed and protected from light, keep in a cool place.

Anthocyanin Anthocyanidin description

Enocyanin is obtained from the peel (residue after making grape juice or wine) of Vitisvinifera, v.labrusca and other grapevine fruits, removing seeds, extracting the peel with water, and refining and vacuum concentration. Maltodextrin, modified starch or colloid are used as carriers for powdered products.

Anthocyanin Anthocyanidin function and application

Enocyanin is a natural edible pigment, which is used for coloring acidic beverages, wine, jam, jelly and other foods. The consumption of beverages, wine, jam and liquid products is 0.1% - 0.3%. The addition amount in powdered food is 0.05% - 0.2%. Ice cream 0.002% - 0.2%.