Antrodia Camphorata Essential Oil
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Antrodia Camphorata Essential Oil

Product Name:Antrodia camphorata essential oil

Natural antrodia camphorata essential oil introduction

Antrodia cinnamomea belongs to the order Aphyllum, Polyporaceae, Poroporus genus, and perennial mushrooms. Antrodia cinnamomea was a fungus endemic to Taiwan in the past, and only grows on the Antrodia camphorata tree unique to Taiwan. Wild Antrodia cinnamomea is a unique conservation tree species in Taiwan Island, China. There are more than 100 Antrodia camphorata trees in the Snow Mountain Pit Reserve in the upper reaches of Da'an River. Antrodia camphorata is the only wood-rot fungus found on the Antrodia camphorata tree, but the parasitic pathogenicity of Antrodia camphorata is not strong, so the Antrodia camphorata tree rarely dies and can grow for hundreds of years. Due to the scarcity of quantity and the difficulty of collection, the market price is as high as several hundred thousand NT dollars per kilogram, and its value is far higher than that of precious medicinal materials such as Ganoderma lucidum, ginseng, and Cordyceps sinensis. It is called the king of medicinal materials.

Antrodia cinnamomea has a hard, flat aroma. It has the effects of dispelling wind and activating qi, dissolving stasis and promoting blood circulation, warming and eliminating stagnation, detoxification and swelling, analgesia, antibacterial, antiviral, antitumor, and enhancing immunity; for the treatment of gastrointestinal pain, diarrhea and vomiting, food poisoning, toadstool Poisoning, diabetes, alcoholic liver, fatty liver, liver cirrhosis, liver cancer, etc. have unique functions. Antrodia camphorata has many physiologically active components, such as polysaccharides, triterpenoids, superoxide dismutase, adenosine, proteins (including immune proteins), vitamins, trace elements, nucleic acids, lectins, amino acids, cellulose, blood pressure stabilization material, etc.

Natural antrodia camphorata essential oil instructions

1. Add 1~2 drops of Antrodia camphorata essential oil to pure water at 300°C, shake it evenly, and then spray it into the home environment; or add it to a water oxygen machine, and volatilize the water vapor to freshen and disinfect the ambient air.

2. In case of mosquito bites, apply a small amount on the affected area, which can effectively reduce the discomfort after mosquito bites.