Arginine (medicinal excipients)
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Arginine (medicinal excipients)

Product name: Arginine (medicinal excipients)
Color: white
Appearance: Crystalline or crystalline powder
CAS No.: 74-79-3
Molecular Formula: C6H14N4O2
Molecular Weight: 174.20
Storage: keep in airtight container

Arginine weight loss product description

Arginine is chemically known as 2 amino 5 guanidino valeric acid, which is an aliphatic basic polar alpha amino acid containing a guanidine group. Arginine is a conditionally essential amino acid and a sugar-producing amino acid in the human body. Arginine is the basic unit that constitutes protein and is one of the 21 amino acids that make up human proteins. The amino acids are all alpha amino acids except proline amino acid which is a subamino acid.

Natural l arginine function and application

1. Arginine is an amino acid drug, which is also an essential amino acid for the growth of infants and children, and its hydrochloride is commonly used.

2. Arginine can participate in the ornithine cycle in the body, promote urea production and lower blood ammonia, which is effective for patients with surgical burns, hyperammonemia due to liver insufficiency and hepatic encephalopathy.

3. Arginine is used for the treatment of male infertility.

4. Intravenous injection of arginine can stimulate the pituitary gland to release growth hormone, so it can be used to assist in the determination of pituitary function.

5. Arginine is used for hepatic encephalopathy and is suitable for patients who are contraindicated to sodium. It is also used for psychiatric symptoms caused by high blood ammonia from other cause.