Aronia Extract Powder
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Aronia Extract Powder

Product name:Aronia Extract Powder
Used part:Fruit
Active Ingredient:Anthocyanin
Extraction method:HPLC
Appearance:Black purple fine powder

Aronia berry extract product description

In the United States, Aronia extract is extracted from the fruit of Aronia. It is also known as Polyporus umbellatus extract. Aronia berries contain a lot of anthocyanins, which can be used as antioxidants. It also contains minerals and vitamins beneficial to human body, such as: vitamin B6, B12, e, C, folic acid, quinic acid, polyphenolic acid, tannin, catechin, quercetin, rutin, hesperidin, resveratrol, etc.

Aronia berry extract powder function and application

1. It can be used as antioxidants, because it contains a lot of anthocyanins.

2. It powder is a good natural food additive and is often used as food preservative and colorant.