Asparagus Powder
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Asparagus Powder

Product name: Asparagus powder
Appearance: green powder
Specification:80 mesh
Storage: the product should be sealed, shaded, protected from high temperature, and stored in a dry, cool and well ventilated place.
Shelf life: two years

Asparagus powder product description

Asparagus powder is a processed product of asparagus. Its tender stems, roots and seeds are edible or medicinal. Asparagus has the nutritional characteristics of low sugar, low fat and high fiber. It is a popular vegetable in the world. In traditional Chinese and Indian medicine, it is used to treat tumors, neuritis and arthritis, toothache, diuresis, slow diarrhea, and stimulate hair growth.

Asparagus root powder function and application

1. Nutritive value

Asparagus powder can enhance appetite, help digestion and have rich nutritional value. It can increase appetite, help digestion, supplement vitamins and minerals, it also has good medicinal value.

2. Asparagus powder contains more asparagine, it has curative effect on cardiovascular disease, edema, cystitis and other diseases.

3. Clearing heat and diuresis

Asparagus powder has the effect of clearing heat and diuresis, especially in summer.

4. Anticancer

Asparagus powder can promote normal cell division and prevent the spread of cancer cells. It has certain curative effect on bladder cancer, lung cancer, skin cancer and kidney stones.