Aspartame Sweetener
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Aspartame Sweetener

Product name: Aspartame
CAS NO.: 22839-47-0
Alias: Aspartame Powder; ASP-PHE METHYL ESTER
Molecular formula: C14H18N2O5
Molecular weight: 294.31
Appearance:White crystalline powder
Storage condition: 2-8°C

Aspartame sweetener product description

Aspartame is an artificial sweetener, which belongs to the amino acid dipeptide derivative. It was discovered by chemists when they developed ulcer drugs in 1965. It has the advantages of low dosage, high sweetness (150-200 times sweetness of sucrose), good taste, it can improve the flavor of citrus and other fruits, reduce heat, do not produce dental caries, and it has lower toxicity than artificial sweeteners such as saccharin. It is widely used in beverages, diabetes foods and some weight loss health foods. The formula of cola we drink in our daily life once contains this product.

Aspartame powder function and application

As a food additive, it is a high sweetness nutritional sweetener.