Azelaic Acid 99%
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Azelaic Acid 99%

Product name: Azelaic Acid 99%
CAS No.:123-99-9
Purity: 99%
Molecular Formula:C9H16O4
Molecular Weight::188.22 
Appearence: Colorless to Light Yellow Crystal Powder
EINECS NO: 204-669-1
Boiling Point(℃): 286.5℃(13.3kPa)
Melting point: 105-109℃

Azel acid powder product description

Azelaic acid is an organic compound. This saturated dicarboxylic acid exists as a white powder. It is found in wheat, rye and barley. It is part of many hair and skin conditioners.

Azelaic acid powder function and application

1. Azelaic acid is used to treat mild to moderate acne, acne and inflammatory acne. Azelaic acid is also used as a topical gel to treat rosacea because it reduces inflammation.

2. Azelaic acid is used to treat skin pigmentation, including chloasma and post-inflammatory pigmentation, especially dark skin. As a tyrosinase inhibitor, it can reduce the synthesis of melanin.

3. It has good skin permeability. Adding it to cream cosmetics can increase the absorption function of the skin and whiten lipstick.

4. Azelaic acid or zinc salt is compatible with vitamin B6 and can be used in male hair care products, hair loss diseases, etc.