Azelaic Acid (medicinal Excipients)
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Azelaic Acid (medicinal Excipients)

Product name: Azelaic acid (medicinal excipients)
CAS No.: 123-99-9
Molecular Formula: C9H16O4
Molecular Weight: 188.2209
Density: 1.131g/cm3
Color: white or slightly yellow
Appearance: Monoclinic prism, needle crystal or powder

Azelaic acid product description

Azelaic acid is an organic compound, commonly known as azelaic acid. It is used as a plasticizer and in alkyd resins, lacquers and chemical synthesis. It is irritating to the skin, eyes and mucous membranes, and harmful to the body when inhaled or ingested.

Azelaic acid powder function and application

1. The effect on skin pigment cells: the tyrosinase in hyperfunctional melanocytes has a competitive inhibitory effect, reducing pigment synthesis, but does not inhibit the pigment synthesis of normal pigment cells. Azelaic acid can destroy the mitochondrial respiratory chain of melanocytes, inhibit the synthesis of cellular DNA and hinder the proliferation of abnormal melanocytes.

2. Azelaic acid is a pregnancy B class drug that has been used in patients with sensitive skin to aid in the effective treatment of acne and is recommended for the treatment of post-inflammatory coloration abnormalities.

3. Azelaic acid is also an antioxidant and exhibits significant anti-inflammatory properties that help fade red acne marks, as well as skin redness due to rosacea.