Bamboo Silica Powder
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Bamboo Silica Powder

Product name: Bamboo Silica Powder
Latin name: Lophatherum gracile
Appearance: White Fine Powder
Active Ingredient:70% Organic Silica
Test Method: HPLC

Bamboo silica powder product description

Bamboo silica powder is the most abundant organic source of silicon dioxide (70%), which is crucial to the health of skin, hair and nails. Bambooo silica powder is rich in amino acids and flavonoids, which help skin retain moisture and prevent free radicals and UV damage.

Organic bamboo extract powder function  and application

1. Improve skin health. Bamboo silica powder helps our body replenish lost collagen and improve skin health. Studies have also shown that silica can remove toxins from our bodies, thereby reducing inflammation.

2. Promote hair health. Bamboo silicon can fight hair loss and thinning by supporting hormone balance and providing necessary nutrients. Silicon dioxide supplements in your diet need these essential nutrients, and help support your hair follicles with the necessary minerals and vitamins to promote strong and shiny hair.

3. Bamboo silica powder can be used as multifunctional food additives, health products and dietary supplements.