Banana flavour
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Banana flavour

Product Name:Banana flavour

Banana flavour Source

Bananas belong to Musaceae, Musa and Genus Musa. Bananas are low in water and high in calories. They contain protein, fat, starch, gum and rich carbohydrates (>20%), vitamins A, B, B6, C, E, P, and minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, and potassium.

Bananas are rich in fragrance, sweet and delicious. The common varieties include plum blossom banana, plantain and fire banana, among which the plum blossom banana has the best fragrance. Panamanian bananas are also available internationally, which are larger in shape, but have less taste and flavor than Chinese bananas. The formula of banana essence is often based on ethyl acetate, isoamyl acetate, isoamyl butyrate and other spices to simulate the aroma of bananas, supplemented by orange oil to increase the natural freshness. Clove oil and vanillin are also often used as the base for fragrance retention.

Banana flavour Application

There are more spices that can be used in banana flavor formulations, such as trans-2-hexenol, cis-3-hexenol and their esters, trans-2-hexenal, etc., which have a certain effect on the greenness of bananas. The help of styroyl acetate and styroyl propionate are also very useful. Methyl acetate, butyl acetate, 2-pentyl acetate and hexyl acetate in esters, as well as very small amounts of acids and carbonyl compounds can all play special roles.