Banana Juice Powder
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Banana Juice Powder

Product name:Banana Juice Powder
Used part:Fruit
Active Ingredient:Vitamin, Protein
Specification:80-120 mesh
Extraction method:TLC
Appearance:Light yellow fine powder

Banana juice powder product description

Banana powder, or green banana powder, usually refers to flour made from green bananas. Traditionally, as a more economical alternative to wheat flour, it has been widely used in Africa and Jamaica. Now, it is sometimes used as a gluten-free substitute for wheat flour, or as a resistant starch. Because green bananas are used as raw materials, raw banana noodles have a faint banana flavor, but they will disappear after cooking, but there will be some soil flavor. In addition, it also has a texture similar to light wheat flour, and the amount required is about one quarter less, making it an excellent substitute for white flour or whole-wheat white flour.

Banana powder function and application

1. Banana juice powder can promote cell growth and make the area of previous ulcer heal faster.

2. Banana juice powder can reduce blood pressure.

Banana powder production method

1. Processing of raw materials: bananas that need to be fully mature, and only those that reach the edible maturity, have complete color, flavor and browning. After peeling the banana, the color protection treatment should be carried out.

2. Color-protection treatment: Bananas can be immediately cut into thin slices and immersed in the solution with antioxidant and bleach, or immersed in the above solution for 10-15 minutes without slicing. The bleach is 0.2% sodium bisulfite, or can be fumigated with sulfur. The purpose of color-protection can be achieved by burning pure sulfur in a cubic meter volume for 15 minutes, and the sulfur takes about 10-15 grams, and the sulfur dioxide concentration is about 1%.

3. Drying: dry at 60 ℃. The drying time at this temperature is very long, and the loss of aromatic substances is too large. In factories with conditions, low-temperature vacuum freeze-drying equipment is used to put banana slices on a shallow plate, put them into a quick-freezing chamber, freeze them at - 28 ℃ for 1 hour, and then sublimate the banana moisture in a low-temperature vacuum dryer under a vacuum of 5-0.1 mm mercury column and a drying temperature of 10-40 ℃. The purpose of drying is achieved in a short time, and the moisture content of the product is below 3%.

4. Crushing: put it in the environment with dehumidification device, grind it into powder, and then sift and grind it to get purple or light yellow banana powder.