Barley Grass Powder for Lose Weight
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Barley Grass Powder for Lose Weight

Product name:Barley Grass Powder
Used part: Hordeum Brevisubulatum
Appearance: green powder
Storage: Well-closed, dry place with constant 2-8℃/room temperature.

Barley grass extract powder product description

Barley grass is one of the most nutritious foods in nature. It has been used for medicine and healing since ancient times. Barley grass juice powder is one of the best ways to eat this natural food, because its nutritional characteristics are concentrated, and it is also the simplest way for the body to digest.

Barley grass juice extract powder function and application

1. Barley seedling powder is rich in antioxidant enzymes and chlorophyll, which has the health care effect of protecting liver and enhancing cell vitality.

2. The chlorophyll contained in barley seedling powder can also remove the harm of artificial preservatives and other chemicals in food, and has the functions of anti-inflammatory and detoxification, detoxification and deodorization, and anti-cancer.

3. It can remove the garbage in the human body. Improve intestinal function and prevent and improve constipation.

4. Chlorophyll also contains a large number of trace elements and alkaline substances, which can help the human body adjust the acid-base balance.