Beet Extract Powder
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Beet Extract Powder

Product name:Beet Powder
Used part:Root
Active Ingredient:Nitrate
Specification:100 mesh
Extraction method:Solvent Extraction
Appearance:Purple red powder

Beet Extract Powder description

Beet powder is a kind of powder made by drying beet roots, chopping and grinding them. It contains folic acid, vitamins, trace elements, nitrate and so on. Its efficacy mainly comes from beet root.

Beet Extract Powder function and application

1. Improve anemia

Beet powder is rich in folic acid and iron. Eating beetroot powder can prevent iron deficiency anemia. Beet root is an important drug for the treatment of various blood diseases in ancient traditional therapy. Often eat beet powder to prevent anemia and prevent various blood diseases.

2. Reduce blood pressure and lipid

The saponins contained in beet powder can combine the cholesterol in the intestine into a mixture that is not easy to absorb and discharge, which can reduce the content of cholesterol in the blood and achieve the purpose of reducing blood lipid. The magnesium element in beet powder is very helpful to soften blood vessels and prevent thrombosis. It can effectively reduce blood pressure. The nutrients of high potassium and low sodium also have an obvious therapeutic effect on hypertension.

3. Detoxification and defecation

Beet powder is rich in vitamin C and cellulose. Vitamin C has the functions of sterilization, anti-inflammatory, detoxification and promoting metabolism. Cellulose can accelerate gastrointestinal peristalsis and promote the discharge of garbage toxins in the abdomen. Therefore, eating beet powder can help digestion, improve constipation and prevent hemorrhoids.

4. Strengthen the spleen and stomach

Beet powder contains anti gastric ulcer factors. Medical practice has proved that this beneficial component can effectively eliminate abdominal moisture and alleviate abdominal distension.

5. Replenish energy

Beet powder contains sugars, which can provide energy for the human body.

6. Prevent goiter

Beet powder is rich in iodine, which plays an important role in human metabolism. Eating beetroot powder can supplement iodine, prevent goiter and prevent atherosclerosis.

7. Beet powder can be brewed with warm water or added to soymilk, milk, honey and other drinks. Of course, it can also be eaten with fruit juice, porridge, soup, etc. It can also be added to cakes, cakes and pancakes.