Beetroot malt powder benefits, uses & side effects
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Beetroot malt powder benefits, uses & side effects

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Beet powder is made from beetroot. Beetroot is a dark red vegetable with a sweet taste and a light earthy smell. To make beetroot powder, beetroot is chopped and dried. After all moisture is removed, finely grind the dried beetroot to make a light-textured powder. The specific color varies between dark pink and reddish brown, depending on the type of beetroot used in the product. Beetroot powder can be made at home, but it is very time consuming.

Bareorganics beet root powder effects

1. Improve anemia

Beetroot powder is rich in folic acid and iron. Eating it can prevent iron deficiency anemia. Beetroot is an important drug for the treatment of various blood diseases in ancient traditional therapies. Eat beetroot powder regularly to prevent anemia and prevent Various blood diseases.

2. Reduce blood pressure and lipidbuy beetroot malt powder -HerbKey

The saponins contained in beetroot powder can combine cholesterol in the intestines into mixed substances that are not easily absorbed and excreted, which can reduce the content of cholesterol in the blood and achieve the purpose of lowering blood lipids.

The magnesium element in beetroot powder is very helpful for softening blood vessels, preventing thrombosis, and can effectively lower blood pressure. The nutrients with high potassium and low sodium also have obvious therapeutic effects on hypertension.

3. Detox laxative

Beetroot powder is rich in vitamin C and cellulose. Vitamin C has the functions of sterilizing, anti-inflammatory, detoxifying, and promoting metabolism, while cellulose can accelerate gastrointestinal motility and promote the discharge of garbage toxins in the abdomen. Therefore, eating beetroot powder can help digestion, Improve constipation and prevent hemorrhoids.

4. Strengthen the spleen and stomach

Beetroot powder contains factors that resist gastric ulcer disease. Medical practice has proved that this beneficial ingredient can effectively eliminate water in the abdomen and relieve abdominal distension. In addition, beetroot is basically a flat thing, which can strengthen the spleen and stomach, and smooth the gas. Diuretic effect.

5. Replenish energy

In the process of beetroot being made into beetroot powder, the nutrients have not changed much, and its sugar content and nutrients are similar to beetroot. Therefore, beetroot powder still contains sugars, which can provide energy for the human body. When you are hungry, drink a cup to fill your stomach and replenish nutrition.

6. Prevent goiter

Beetroot powder can only be rich in iodine. Iodine plays an important role in human metabolism. If it is lacking, it may lead to goiter. Therefore, eating beetroot powder can supplement iodine, prevent goiter, and prevent goiter. The effect of atherosclerosis.

How to eat beetroot concentrate powder?

1. Beetroot powder can be brewed with warm water, or added to soy milk, milk, honey and other drinks; of course, it can also be eaten with juice, porridge, soup, etc.; it can also be added to cakes, cakes, pancakes, etc. edible.

2. Beetroot powder should not be eaten too much, not only because of its high sugar content and the risk of gaining weight if eating too much, but also because beetroot powder contains red natural pigments. Excessive consumption will lead to red urine; consumption for one week 3-4 times, about 15 grams each time.

3. Beetroot powder is suitable for middle-aged and elderly people, pregnant and lactating women; patients with anemia, osteoporosis, low immunity, frequent drinking and smoking, and liver disease.

Beetroot peel powder side effects

Beetroot contains unique mineral compounds that are effective in fighting infections and treating blood disorders. Secondly, beetroot is rich in magnesium, which can soften blood vessels and lower blood pressure in the body. Patients with high blood pressure can eat some beetroot properly. Furthermore, the beetroot fiber in beetroot can help loosen excrement and help relieve constipation. But at the same time, it should be noted that eating too much beetroot will cause diarrhea, so patients with diarrhea and diabetes are prohibited from eating beetroot.

Organic beet root extract application

Beetroot powder has long been primarily used as a coloring or sweetening agent. Beetroot powder is included in many healthy recipes for its natural sweetness without adding sugar to its products.

The powder can also be used to dye fabrics or food without the use of harmful artificial red pigments.

Some also combine it with a carrier oil to make blush or lipstick without artificial ingredients.