Benzoin Compound Tincture
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Benzoin Compound Tincture

CAS NO.:9000-72-0
EINECS NO.: 232-523-7

Benzoin Compound Tincture Introduction

Benzoin essential oil is an essential oil made from the benzoin tree, mainly produced in Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Java, Sumatra, and Thailand. Benzoin essential oil is extracted from the resin flowing out of the trunk of the benzoin plant. It is generally extracted by solvent method. A special feature of benzoin essential oil is that its volatility is relatively slow. It has the special sweet smell of benzoin resin, and the essential oil is generally thick dark brown red with a strong smell.

Benzoin Compound Tincture Main Ingredient

Benzoic acid, cinnamic acid, vanillin, benzaldehyde.

Benzoin Compound Tincture Source

As early as thousands of years ago, benzoin was the main fragrance of incense. The benzoin tree grows in Java, Sumatra and Thailand. Triangular notches are cut in the bark of the benzoin, and the sap will flow out. This brownish-gray viscous sap will eventually solidify into a hard mass and is not an essential oil by definition, but a balsamic resin. Before use, it should be heated in water to dissolve it, or you can buy a liquid that has been dissolved in ethylene glycol for use. Benzoin essential oil is obtained from the resin that flows out of a cut in the trunk of a tree, and it must grow to the seventh year before the resin flows out. The resin is brownish-red and has the aroma of fir trees. The resin dissolved in alcohol has a lasting aroma.

Benzoin Compound Tincture Efficacy and Role

1. Spiritual curative effect: Because it can soothe the nervous system, it is a soothing agent for tension and stress. It can also soothe sadness, loneliness and depression. Get rid of worries and build confidence. Relieve your exhausted body and mind.

2. Physical effect: It seems to have a rejuvenating effect on the body, it can warm the heart and circulatory system, relieve general pain and arthritis. The help for respiratory abnormalities is very significant. It can moisten the lungs and improve bronchitis, asthma, cough, cold, laryngitis and sore throat.

3. Skin efficacy: It is a well-known remedy for cracked and dry skin, which can restore elasticity to the skin. It is especially useful for cracked skin on hands and feet, as well as frostbite and small rashes. It is a good remedy for wounds and ulcers, and it is also effective for the redness, itching and irritation of dermatitis.