Beta Ecdysterone
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Beta Ecdysterone

Product name: Beta Ecdysterone
Appearance: Brown to white powder
CAS No.:5289-74-7
Molecular Formula: C27H44O7
Molecular Weight: 480.63406
Specification: 50% 90% 98%
Storage: Well-closed, dry place with constant 2-8℃

Beta ecdysterone description

Ecdysterone extract, also known as hydroxyecdysterone, is extracted from the roots of arachnoidea. Arachnoid cyanogen extract significantly increased the ability of amino acid and protein chain assembly to stimulate muscle cells to synthesize protein in cytoplasm, and the process of protein growth and migration. Ecdysterone extract 20 hydroxyecdysterone is beneficial to health, helps to stabilize the safety of cortisol damaged cells, and enables energy synthesis (ATP and muscle normalization procedures, improving liver function and peptides) to quickly adapt to organic physical environment and pressure changes.

Beta ecdysterone component

Ecdysone is a steroid hormone in arthropods that participates in regulating molting, development, and, to a lesser extent, reproduction. Ecdysterone includes ecdysterone, 20-hydroxyecdysterone, 2-deoxyecdysterone, etc. These compounds are typically converted from dietary cholesterol and are catalysed by enzymes in the Halloween gene family of cytochrome P450. Many plants often contain plant molting steroids as toxins or antifeedants to combat phytophagous insects.

Beta ecdysterone powder function

1. Beta ecdysterone increases strength and endurance.

2. Beta ecdysterone improves liver function.

3. Beta ecdysterone maximizes muscle mass and stimulates fat burning ability.

4. Beta ecdysterone enhances protein amino acid production.

Pure beta ecdysterone application

1. In the medical field, it has the functions of regulating blood glucose esters, promoting collagen synthesis, anti arrhythmia, anti fatigue, regulating blood glucose and promoting cell growth.

2. Beta ecdysterone has good skin whitening effect and significant anti acne effect. It has no allergic reaction to the skin.

3. It can promote shelling and growth of shrimp and crab.