Black Elderberry Extract Powder
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Black Elderberry Extract Powder

Product Name:Black Elderberry Extract
Specification: Anthocyanidins 25%/Flavonoids 5%
Appearance:Dark purple fine powder
Storage condition:Place in a cool, dry place, away from light and high temperature.

Black elderberry extract

Elderberry extract is from Sambucus williamsii Hance, a plant of Lonicera family. Its stems and branches are extracted from raw materials and contain phenolic acids, triterpene aglycones and other active ingredients. It has pharmacological activities such as anti osteoporosis, promoting fracture healing, anti inflammation, anti-virus, anti-oxidation, and improving immune activity. It is widely used in cosmetics and has the functions of moisturizing and beautifying the skin. The ingredients such as elderberry and mucin have the functions of sterilization, anti-inflammatory and antipruritic, and it can be used in hair washing and hair care daily necessities.

Black elderberry extract application

Elderberry extract is a strong oxidant, which can eliminate free radicals and prevent aging. It is mainly used in acidic drinks, sparkling wine, fruit wine or various food additives.