Blackberry Fruit Powder
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Blackberry Fruit Powder

Product name: Blackberry fruit powder
Appearance: purplish red powder
Specification: 80-100 mesh
Extraction process: spray drying 

Blackberry fruit powder product description

Blackberry is a fruit produced in North America, which has been widely cultivated in China in recent years. The edible value of blackberry is very high, and eating blackberry has many benefits to human body, so it is deeply loved by people. Blackberries fruit powder contain twice as much vitamin C as blueberries, and it has many other nutrients.

Dried blackberry powder function and application

1. Enhance immunity. Blackberries fruit powder can help to strengthen the immune system, maintain cardiovascular health, reduce hypertension, improve the absorption of dietary iron and reduce the risk of anemia.

2. Help digestion. Blackberry powder contains more cellulose than most other fruits. Cellulose is extremely important for gastrointestinal health, helping to maintain a healthy weight and reduce high cholesterol.

3. Heal the wound. Blackberry fruit powder are rich in tannins, it helps tighten skin tissue, constrict blood vessels and reduce bleeding.

4. Anti cancer. Blackberry fruit powder is rich in antioxidant anthocyanins. Anthocyanins can inhibit the growth of tumor cells.