Blackberrylily Rhizome Extract
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Blackberrylily Rhizome Extract

Product Name:Blackberrylily Rhizome extract
Alias: Belamcanda chinensis root extract
Appearance:Yellowish brown powder
Extraction source: dry rhizome extract of Iridaceae plant

Blackberrylily rhizome extract introduction

Shegan extract is the dry rhizome extract of Iridaceae plant Shegan, which mainly contains flavonoids and other ingredients. Shegan, also known as sloppy fan and ghost cattail fan, has a bitter nature and a cold taste, and has the effects of clearing heat and detoxifying, eliminating phlegm and relieving sore throat. Commonly used for heat toxicity, phlegm and fire stagnation, sore throat, congestion of phlegm and saliva, cough and asthma.

Blackberrylily rhizome extract plant morphology

Shegan, a perennial herbaceous plant of the Iridaceae and Shegan genus. Shegan is distributed in most provinces of China, mainly produced in Hubei, Henan, Jiangsu, Anhui and other places, as well as in Korea, Japan, India, Vietnam and other places; Likes warmth and sunshine, is tolerant of drought and cold, and does not have strict soil requirements. It can be cultivated on dry land on mountain slopes. It is better to cultivate sandy loam soil that is fertile and loose, with high terrain and good drainage. Neutral loam soil or slightly alkaline soil is suitable, and low-lying and saline alkali land is avoided. Shegan mainly has two methods: seed propagation and rhizome propagation.

Blackberrylily rhizome extract main components

Shegan mainly contains isoflavones and their glycosides, bicyclic triterpenes and their fatty acids, phenylacetone and its glycosides, and calcium oxalate. The isoflavones include Belamcandin, Tectoridin, Tectorigenin, rhamnanthin, etc.

Shegan main value

1. Medicinal value

Shegan has the effects of clearing heat and detoxifying, eliminating phlegm and relieving sore throat. It is used for symptoms such as feeling wind-heat, or throat swelling and pain caused by phlegm-heat congestion. For phlegm and salivation, cough and asthma embolism. Throat swelling and pain, sore throat obstructed, defecation obstructed, various medicines ineffective, abdominal fluid, darkened skin, mastitis at the beginning.

2. Landscape and ornamental value

Shegan is a garden flower with a graceful shape and high ornamental value. It can be used as a garden forest and has broad prospects for promotion and application. It can also be used as a material for large-scale rock gardens, as a planting material for flower beds and flower borders, and flower branches are used for flower arrangement and appreciation.