Blood Orange Juice Powder
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Blood Orange Juice Powder

Product name: Blood orange fruit powder
Latin name: Citrussinesis
Used part: Fresh blood orange juice
Product content: 99%
Appearance: Brownish red fine powder
Test method: TLC
Storage: Put it in a cool and dry place and keep it sealed.
Shelf life: 2 years

Blood orange extract powder product description

Blood orange juice powder is also called red orange powder. It is suitable for people with less exercise and abdominal fat accumulation into a big belly. It can clear the intestines and burn fat.

Blood orange extract function and application

1. Blood orange fruit powder can increase the toughness of capillaries and prevent microvascular bleeding. It can also promote blood circulation and alleviate the cold limbs caused by poor blood.

2. It can generate saliva and quench thirst and relieve dry mouth and tongue.

3. It has the functions of reducing blood lipid and relieving greasiness.

4. Treatment of anemia. Blood orange fruit powder can promote blood circulation and effectively improve the anemia of the human body.

5. Beauty and skin care. It can improve the complexion, promote the regeneration of skin cells, and has a fresh fragrance.

6. Brain strengthening. It can stimulate thinking and emotion.