Blueberry Essence
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Blueberry Essence

Product Name: Blueberry essence
Alias: Blueberry Flavor
Aroma description: strong and pure blueberry aroma, lasting
Application scope: candy, biscuit, puffed food

Organic blueberry essence description

The blueberry essence has a strong and pure blueberry aroma, and the fragrance lasts for a long time. It is suitable for candy, biscuits and puffed food.

Blueberry essence powder application

1. It is suitable for flavoring dairy products, beverages, cold drinks, baking, candy and other products.

2. It is used in daily cosmetics to add flavor to handmade soaps, lipstick and other products.

3. It is used for flavoring plastic toys, coatings and other products in industry.

4. It is applicable to oral medicine and other products.

Blueberry essence raw material introduction

Blueberry is a common name for the blue fruit type plants of Rhododendronaceae and Vaccinium. Perennial low shrub. The shrubs are overgrown, and the size and shape of the trees vary significantly. Blueberry flowers are in racemes. Usually consists of 7-10 flowers, bisexual. The size and color of blueberry fruits vary according to the species. The fruits of most varieties are dark blue or violet when ripe. Wild blueberries are widely distributed throughout the world. Mainly produced in the United States, it is mainly distributed in the Daxinganling and Xiaoxinganling forest areas in China. The optimum temperature for blueberry growth is 13-30°C.

Blueberry is an emerging small berry tree species with high economic value and broad development prospects. Among the 15 healthy foods in the world listed by authoritative British nutritionists, it ranks first, and is listed as one of the five health foods for human beings by the International Food and Agriculture Organization, and is known as the "King of Berries".