Blueberry Powder
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Blueberry Powder

Product name: Blueberry powder
Appearance: Purplish red powder
Specification: 95%
Smell: Blueberry flavor
Solubility: 99%
Storage: Be sealed and shaded and stored in a dry, cool and well ventilated place.
Shelf life: Two years

Blueberry concentrate powder product description

Blueberry is a fruit with high nutritional value. Its main component is anthocyanin (natural antioxidant) and contains many other trace elements. Blueberries have a variety of effects, such as heart protection, eyesight, beauty and skin care, anti-inflammatory and analgesic, anti-cancer and anti-tumor, anti-aging and anti radiation, so blueberries have high nutritional value.

Blueberry extract powder function and application

1. Blueberry powder can help delay memory decline and improve human brain development, because blueberry powder contains a certain amount of vitamin A and calcium, which can promote human brain development.

2. Blueberry powder contains vitamin E, vitamin A and other components. These substances have good antioxidant effect and are known as the "No. 1 antioxidant" in fruits and vegetables. Moderate consumption can help the human body protect cells from peroxide damage and have good antioxidant effect.

3. Blueberry powder can help moisturize human skin and have a certain function of beauty.

4.The nutritional value and edible value of blueberry powder are very high. Moderate consumption can supplement sufficient nutrients for the human body, improve the ability of the human body to resist bacteria and microorganisms, so as to enhance the possibility of human diseases, and have a strong role in enhancing human immunity.