Blueberry Powder
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Blueberry Powder

Product name: Blueberry powder
Appearance: Purplish red powder
Specification: 95%
Smell: Blueberry flavor
Solubility: 99%
Storage: Be sealed and shaded and stored in a dry, cool and well ventilated place.
Shelf life: Two years

Blueberry main value

1. Nutritional composition

Blueberry fruit is not only very attractive in color, but also has a unique flavor. It can be eaten fresh and processed into a variety of foods suitable for all ages, and is deeply loved by consumers. According to analysis, 100g of blueberry pulp contains about 0.5g of protein, 0.1g of fat, 12.9g of carbohydrate, 8mg of calcium, 0.2mg of iron, 9mg of phosphorus, 7.0mg of potassium, 1mg of sodium, 0.26mg of zinc, 0.1g of selenium, microgram of vitamin A9, 9mg of vitamin C9, 1.7mg of vitamin E1and abundant pectin, SOD, flavonoids, etc.

2. Health value

Blueberry fruit has the functions of improving eyesight, enhancing immunity, resisting cancer, enhancing memory, resisting oxidation and slowing down aging.

3. Economic value

Blueberry fruit is a good raw material for processing. In the United States, blueberries are often processed with other fruits into composite drinks, such as blueberry orange juice, blueberry grape juice, blueberry apple juice, etc. Blueberries can be eaten fresh or processed, but deep processing can greatly improve economic benefits, which is also the unique advantage of most small fruit trees.

Blueberry products mainly fall into four categories: fresh fruit, frozen fruit, processed fruit wine and blueberry pigment. 90% of fresh fruits are exported to Japan, and 10% are supplied to the markets of major cities such as Beijing and Shanghai; About 80% of frozen fruits are exported, mainly in the European market, and 20% are supplied to domestic food enterprises for processing raw materials; Blueberry wine is mainly supplied to China's domestic market, and a small part is exported to Japan; Almost 100% of blueberry pigment extract is exported to European and American markets.

4. Ecological value

Blueberries not only have the ecological benefits of carbon fixation and soil erosion prevention that common fruit trees have, but also have some special ecological benefits. The varieties of the three categories of blueberry varieties have their own characteristics and are suitable for planting in areas with different climatic conditions. Moreover, blueberries are suitable for growing in acidic soil. Over-acid soil is usually abandoned because it is not suitable for the growth of crops and trees, and blueberries need such soil conditions, which can make many areas in the wilderness have a green again.

5. Appreciation value

Blueberry trees are clustered and blossom early in spring. The flowers are milky white, altar shaped or inverted bell shaped, and the flowering period lasts more than one month; When the fruit is mature, the blue fruit is like a blue ocean, which makes people feel relaxed and happy and linger. After the autumn frost, the leaves are as red as maple leaves, and can last for more than 15 days. It is a spectacular sight. Therefore, blueberry can be used as an excellent tree species for sightseeing orchard. In addition, when blueberries are potted, they bear early fruit and are easy to reshape, so they can be used to make bonsai fruit trees.

Blueberry extract powder function and application

1. Blueberry powder can help delay memory decline and improve human brain development, because blueberry powder contains a certain amount of vitamin A and calcium, which can promote human brain development.

2. Blueberry powder contains vitamin E, vitamin A and other components. These substances have good antioxidant effect and are known as the "No. 1 antioxidant" in fruits and vegetables. Moderate consumption can help the human body protect cells from peroxide damage and have good antioxidant effect.

3. Blueberry powder can help moisturize human skin and have a certain function of beauty.

4.The nutritional value and edible value of blueberry powder are very high. Moderate consumption can supplement sufficient nutrients for the human body, improve the ability of the human body to resist bacteria and microorganisms, so as to enhance the possibility of human diseases, and have a strong role in enhancing human immunity.