Bromelain Enzyme Powder Pineapple Extract
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Bromelain Enzyme Powder Pineapple Extract

Product name: Bromelain Enzyme Powder Pineapple Extract
Appearance: Yellow Brown Powder
Specification: 600 GDU/g -2500 GDU/g
Test Method: HPLC /UV
CAS No.: 9001-00-7
Storage: Cool dry place

Bromelain extract powder product description

Bromelain is sulfhydryl protease extracted from pineapple juice, peel, etc. It is slightly soluble in water, insoluble in ethanol, acetone, chloroform and ether. It preferentially hydrolyzes the peptide chain on the carboxyl side of basic amino acids (such as arginine) or aromatic amino acids (such as phenylalanine and tyrosine), selectively hydrolyzes fibrin, decomposes muscle fibers, and has little effect on fibrinogen. It can be used for beer clarification, medicinal digestion, anti-inflammatory and detumescence.

Bromelain powder function and application

1. Bromelain has excellent effects of rejuvenating skin, whitening and removing spots. Bromelain can act on the aging cuticle of human skin, promote its degradation, decomposition and removal, promote skin metabolism, and reduce skin color depth caused by sunlight.It makes the skin look white and tender.

2. Bromelain is used in medicine and health products industry. It can keep the growth of tumor cells, prevent cardiovascular disease, have anti-inflammatory effect, and enhance drug absorption.

3. Bromelain can be used as food additives in food processing industry.