Bulk Kojic Acid Powder
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Bulk Kojic Acid Powder

Product name: Bulk Kojic Acid Powder
Active Ingredient: Bulk Kojic Acid powder
Molecular Weight: 142.10944
Molecular Formula: c6h6o4
CAS No.:501-30-4
Specification: 98%
Extraction method: HPLC
Appearance: White fine powder

Kojic acid powder product description

Kojic acid is an organic compound. It is often used as an antioxidant and anti radiation agent.

Pure kojic acid powder function and application

1. In cosmetics. Kojic acid has been added to make-up water, facial mask, lotion and skin care cream to make high-grade whitening cosmetics that can effectively treat freckles, senile spots, pigmentation and acne.

2. Food processing. Kojic acid can be used as food additive to keep fresh, prevent corrosion and resist oxidation.

3. Medicine. As kojic acid has no mutagenic effect on eukaryotic cells, it can also eliminate internal free radicals in human body, enhance leukocyte dynamics and other effects, which is conducive to human health. Therefore, kojic acid has been used as the raw material of cephalosporins. The finished product produced is used to treat headache, toothache, local inflammation and other diseases, and the analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects are very ideal.

4. In the field of agriculture. Kojic acid can be used to produce biological pesticides.