Bur Cherimoya Leaf Extract
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Bur Cherimoya Leaf Extract

Product name: Bur cherimoya leaf extract
Used part: Leaf
Specification: 10:1 20:1 30:1
Main ingredients: flavonoids, polyphenols, natural vitamins, protein
Test method: TLC
Appearance: Brownish yellow fine powder.
Water content: ≤ 5%
Storage: Sealed, shaded, dry and ventilated

Bur cherimoya leaf extract product description

Bur cherimoya leaf is the fruit of a long-leaved, flowering, evergreen tree. It is native to tropical America and has been widely distributed. Bur cherimoya leaf extract is widely promoted as an alternative cancer treatment. The effects include delaying aging, preventing constipation, anti-cancer and anti-parasitic.

Custard apple extract function and application

1. Bur cherimoya leaf extract has a good effect of generating saliva and relieving thirst.

2. Bur cherimoya leaf extract has a certain effect of nourishing blood and calming nerves. For the restlessness, insomnia and dreams caused by blood deficiency, it can promote sleep through the effect of nourishing blood and calming nerves.