Calendula Flower Extract
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Calendula Flower Extract

Product name: Calendula flower extract
Latin name: Calendula Officinalis L.
CAS No.:84776-23-8
Molecular Formula:C40H56O2
Molecular Weight::568.85
Used Part: Flower
Extract Solution: Ethanol & Water
Specification:10:1, or as your request
Appearance:Yellow to Dark Yellow Powder
Active Ingredient:Amino acids, proteins, vitamins

Calendula extract product description

Calendula flower extract mainly refers to the flower petal extract of calendula, which has anti-aging effect. Calendula, an annual herb of Compositae, is hairy. The flowers are yellow or orange yellow. It likes to grow in a mild and cool climate, afraid of heat and cold.

Calendula extract powder function  and application

1. Calendula is rich in a variety of vitamins, especially vitamin A and vitamin C, which can prevent pigmentation, improve skin luster and elasticity, slow down aging, and avoid skin relaxation and wrinkle.

2. It can promote bile secretion and accelerate wound healing.

3. The polysaccharides in Calendula officinalis have strong immune stimulating effect.