Cedry Crystal
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Cedry Crystal

Product Name: Cedry crystal
Alias:cedar camphor, cypress camphor
CAS NO.: 77-53-2
Molecular formula: C15H26O
Molecular weight: 222.37
Purity: ≥98%
Appearance:white crystal
Storage condition:2-8°C, keep at low temperature and avoid light.

Cedry crystal description

Cedar Crystal is a white crystal with a mild fir aroma. It is soluble in ethanol. It can be obtained from cedar oil by fractional distillation, freezing and crystallization.

Cedry crystal function and application

1. It is widely used in woody, spicy and oriental flavors, and it is also widely used as a flavor enhancer for disinfectants and sanitary products.

2. Sometimes a small amount is used in the pharmaceutical industry as a drug.