Cedryl Acetate Acid
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Cedryl Acetate Acid

Product Name: Cedryl acetate
Alias: Cedryl Acetate Crystal; Cedryl Acetate Liquid; cedran-8-yl acetate
CAS NO.: 77-54-3
Molecular formula: C17H28O2
Molecular weight: 264.403
EINECS NO.: 201-036-1
Appearance:White crystal or light yellow to yellow transparent liquid

Cedryl Acetate Acid description

Two kinds of cypress acetate are used in the spice industry, pure crystal cypress acetate and liquid cypress acetate.

It can be obtained by acetylation of cypress brain or Cypress oil fraction containing cypress brain to obtain crystal products and liquid products respectively.

Cedryl Acetate Acid function and application

It is used in essence such as wood flavor and oriental flavor.