Chenodeoxycholic Acid
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Chenodeoxycholic Acid

Product Name:Chenodeoxycholic Acid
CAS NO.:474-25-9
Molecular formula:C24H40O4
Molecular weight:392.57
Appearance:White or pale yellow crystalline powder
EINECS NO.: 207-481-8
Storage condition:Room temp

Chenodeoxycholic acid powder chemical properties

This product is extracted from the bile of chicken, duck and goose. It is a white or light yellow crystalline powder; it has a bitter taste and a peculiar smell. Mp141-142°C. Soluble in ethanol, chloroform and glacial acetic acid, almost insoluble in water.

This product can reduce the synthesis and secretion of cholesterol, reduce the excretion of total cholesterol in the bile, thereby improving the ability of bile to dissolve cholesterol, and promote the dissociation of cholesterol that has been stoned to achieve the stone-dissolving effect. After oral administration, the concentration of this product in the gallbladder is very high, and it can be repeatedly circulated through the enterohepatic system. This product is easily decomposed by bacteria in the intestinal tract, producing hepatotoxic metabolites.

Chenodeoxycholic acid effect

This product is currently one of the most widely used drugs for treating gallstones in the world, and it is also the raw material for the synthesis of ursodeoxycholic acid (UDCA) and other steroidal compounds.

Chenodeoxycholic acid powder purpose

This product is a dissolving agent for cholesterol gallstones. Mainly used for the prevention and treatment of cholesterol cholelithiasis.