Cherry Flavour
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Cherry Flavour

Product Name: Cherry flavour
Properties: Food Additives
Fragrance: Fruity
Uses: modulation of food and beverages
Main ingredients: natural almond oil, benzaldehyde, jasmine

Cherry flavour description

Cherry essence is a kind of fruit flavor food additive with cherry flavor. Cherry is the general name of some plum plants. The fruit can be eaten as fruit. There are not many cherries on the market, and the use of cherry essence is not widespread. This essence can be prepared mainly with natural almond oil, benzaldehyde and jasmonal, and then with a small amount of esters and natural essential oils.

Cherry flavour raw material

Alcohols: ethanol, butanol, hexanol, octanol, geraniol, benzyl alcohol, α-terpineol

Aldehydes: benzaldehyde, jasminaldehyde, anisaldehyde, cinnamaldehyde, phenylacetaldehyde, citral

Ketones: ionone, 4-(p-methoxyphenyl)-2-butanone

Esters: amyl formate, rose formate, cyclohexyl formate, ethyl acetate, amyl acetate, benzyl acetate, anise acetate, amyl valerate, amyl isovalerate, rose isovalerate, ethyl heptaneate, methyl phenyl glycidyl ester, ethyl benzoate

Natural essential oils: almond oil, cinnamon oil, cornic oil, lemon oil, sweet orange oil, coriander oil, jasmine oil, iris curd, rose oil, clove oil, orange leaf oil

Other raw materials: maltol, ethyl maltol, vanillin γ- Undecanolactone, lamide

Cherry introduction

Cherry is the general designation of several plants of Rosaceae and Prunus. Mainly distributed in Europe, Asia and North America. Born in hillside forests, forest margins, thickets or grasslands. The suitable soil pH value is a neutral environment of 6.5-7.5, and it grows better on sandy loam with deep soil layer, loose soil quality and good ventilation.

Cherries have been cultivated in China for a long time, and there are many varieties. They are used for food and can also be used to make cherry wine. Branches, leaves, roots and flowers are also available for medicinal purposes. In addition to eating fresh, it can also be processed into cherry jam, cherry juice, canned cherry and preserved fruit, wine, etc. It has a bright red color and an almond-like aroma, and it is fascinating to eat. Cherries are also good ingredients for dishes.