Cherry Powder
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Cherry Powder

Product name: Cherry powder
Latin name: Cerasus pseudocerasus g. don
Appearance: Pink powder
Other name: Chelizi, yingzhu, hantao and agate.
Storage: Keep in a cool, dry place away from light and high temperature.
Shelf life: 24 months.

Cherry juice powder description

Cherry powder is a kind of health care product rich in vitamins, iron, calcium, phosphorus and other healthy ingredients. This kind of health care product can be eaten or used as medicine, and can even be added to skin care products. It can fully supplement the nutrition needed in the process of children's development. It is also a fashionable new product for beauty maintenance. The content of vitamin C in Cherry powder is the highest among the plants that have been found so far.

Cherry powder function and application

1. Blood tonifying. Cherry powder has the highest iron content among fruits, and heme is one of the important components. Cherry powder can prevent anemia.

2. Beauty. First of all, it is because of the β Carotene can inhibit the formation of melanin, and vitamin C can whiten the skin, so cherry powder often has the theory of beauty and skin-care.

3. Promote gastrointestinal health. Cherry powder helps digestion and improve appetite.

4. Nourishing yin and tonifying kidney. Cherry powder contains relatively more carotene and iron elements, so it can play a good health care role for those with deficiency of blood.

5. Dispelling wind. Cherry powder often can remove wind evil and reduce the problem of low back pain caused by rheumatism.

Cherry main value

Medicinal: sweet, warm in nature. non-toxic. Tonify blood and benefit kidney. Indications of diarrhea due to spleen deficiency, nocturnal emission due to kidney deficiency, pain in the waist and legs, inhumane limbs, paralysis and other diseases.

Nutrition: Cherry is rich in nutrition. It contains 88 grams of water, 1.1 grams of protein, 0.2 grams of fat, 0.3 grams of dietary vitamins, 9.9 grams of carbohydrates, 4 mg of calcium, 24 mg of phosphorus, 0.3 mg of iron, 0.4 mg of zinc, 10 micrograms of carotene, 0.03 mg of vitamin B, 0.3 grams of nicotinic acid, 23 mg of vitamin C, and organic acids such as citric acid and tartaric acid.

Eating: Cherry is a fresh fruit with good color, aroma, taste and shape. In addition to fresh food, it can also be processed into cherry jam, cherry juice, canned cherries, preserved fruits, dew, etc. It has bright red color and almond-like aroma, which makes people intoxicated. Cherry is also a good ingredient for dishes.

Appreciation: Cherry trees are beautiful in appearance, blooming in early spring, luxuriant as snow, fragrant as honey, green as jade in leaves, red and bright as agate in fruit, exquisite and lovely, early in flowering, large in flowers, and many fruits. When the fruit is ripe, the fruit is red and green in leaves, which is very beautiful. At the same time, it has the effects of improving the environment, such as smoke resistance, dust absorption, air purification, etc. It is a good economic tree species for gardening, garden greening and agricultural tourism economy.

Economy: Cherry is the earliest mature fruit among deciduous fruit trees, known as "the first branch of spring fruit". It is a veritable green product with strong adaptability, easy cultivation and management, short fruit development period and basically no medicine during fruit development. Its management labor is less, and its production cost is relatively low. In addition, in the off-season of fruit, the price of fruit is 5-10 times that of other fruits.